4 ways to reduce bounce rates

Bounce rates are an important factor when dealing with traffic. Use these simple tricks to reduce them substantially.

What Is Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate is defined as the percentage of visitors that leave a webpage without taking an action. If its high its bad! Higher bounce rates means viewers aren’t staying on the website. It translates to a lower conversion rate. In order for your business to grow you need to reduce the bounce rate.

Don’t worry we got it for you.

Page Load Time

Your website is having higher rates due to your page loading time. The higher the time the higher bounce rate. In an age where time is money and attention is scarce, having a quick page loading time helps the website in the long run to convert viewers into buyers.

Distinct Content

Your website needs to have content that is easy to read and find. Hence, having a distinct content will help the viewers understand your vision and redirect them to using your products.

Single clear call to Action

Most of the websites have a clean sleek design but they are also confusing. The viewer does not know which step to take next. Having a single clear call to action helps the viewer to navigate your website more easily. It will also help them become acquainted with your products faster.

Cross-Reference Bounce Rate with Time on Site

No statistic is fool proof. Hence you need to check the bounce rate with the time spent on the site. If doing so allows you to ascertain more accurately whether the problem is with a specific page, a type of page or your site as a whole. If your Time on Site metrics are decent, but your blog pages have a high bounce rate, the problem may be with your content. On the other hand, if your bounce rate is high and Time on Site is low, you may not be giving visitors what they want in a more general sense.


If you want them to stay you have to use different and creative mehtods. Reducing bounce rate will help in increasing your conversion rate. Hence, focusing on them will only help you in the long term.

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