Improving employee morale

Difficult and never seen before times are the new normal. Use these 3 techniques to help someone out of a tough spot.

Corona has made it difficult to work together. It can lead to isolation and bring out the worst in the employees. In these difficult times employees will always appreciate you doing something for them. Use these 3 tips to have a better relationships with your employees

Ask them how they are. Ask after their family. Discuss post-lockdown plans.

When it comes to discussing mental health specifically, people say that far and away the most effective form of company communication is a phone call directly from one’s manager. Employees who say their manager is not good at communicating are 23% more likely to experience mental health declines. Regular, consistent messaging from executives helps employees feel encouraged.

Assure them of a bright future & inspire them.

Give them as much direction as conditions permit, welcome queries, then enable them to do their jobs. Let workers know you believe in them. It will improve your ability to get through this and will also carry over once the situation fades.

Pay attention to criticism and suggestions.

Not every feedback will be positive, encourage the employees to voice their criticism and issues, Make sure they feel heard, and that their opinions matter. Let them know how their suggestions are being acted upon.


It is a grave time. But remember, we’re all in this together. Help others and yourself! Thank you!

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