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This article talks about branding to the generation that will be largest number of consumers in the coming years.

Gen Z (born after 1997) are going to be the largest consumer group in a couple of years and businesses are trying very hard to keep up. Companies are trying to promote their work without getting cancelled or boycotted.

Gen Z and Millennials spend more time on social media than any other generation and many officials think that the curated versions people put of themselves online making it difficult to create real connections with others.

This article talks about data driven branding strategies in 2021!


The branding strategies of this age has been characterized by data-driven model. Companies are opting for data rather than pure gut instinct. This data-driven branding depends on big data. Previously, data was gathered through feedback, opinions and filling out questionnaires. This resulted in the fundamental flaw found in research: People lie. Not only are these unreliable, they paint quite a different picture. Actions speak louder than words. And big data captures just that

What exactly is Big Data?

Big data consists of a colossal, increasing, and unstructured assortment of information that companies and customers produce…

This article talks about availing these free and useful blogs to stay updated on the design world.

Graphic design plays a central role in UI design. A great UI design boosts UX conversion rate. It makes sense that, as a UX designer, you have a solid knowledge and the base of the fundamentals of graphic design. Following graphic design blogs can be a great way to keep up with the trends!

Creativ Bloq

First on the list is inventive Bloq, a graphic style web log that covers all areas of graphic style, from 3D art and illustration to motion and animation.

Can you guess these brands from their old logos?

Blast from the past! Can you believe these logos were part of these established companies?

This article talks about the micro-copies found in interfaces and how to use them.

What is Micro-Copy?

UX microcopy are small group of words you come across on the internet; on a website, in an app, or on a product. They are usually CTC. Not expected to be read just glanced. But the importance of micro-copies is underrated. It could be the tiniest error message or the navigations on a pop-up. it could be captions, buttons, loading, or error pages. Even that one message that tells you the website is using cookies.

What makes a good microcopy what it is, is its power…

Fluid, simple and easy-to-use, the future belongs to Zero UI!

Movers and shakers!

Apps without screens, buttons and CTA. The future is bright and screenless too! Glued to our screens and smartphones we have become addicted. Addicted to the visual aspects and functions. But in the end, we must remember its a robust model created between the transition to Zero UI! The lines between the real world and virtual are slowly fading. Today’s situation has made it much more difficult to differentiate between the two. School kids are attending schools online, sounds totally safe! Its not like the virtual world will result in…

This article talks about 5 different ways to create a cost-effective UX design using research!

Top five cheap however effective ways to conduct UX Research:

Table Analysis

The most cheap thanks to conduct analysis is table analysis. With heaps of articles and information offered on the web these days, the globe is at your fingertips.

Not solely can you have got your understanding of knowledge, however you may conjointly realize analysis and information conducted by similar players within the market.

Usability Testing

As the name suggests, usability testing is obvious. Having users take a look at your product and perceptive however they move with…

This article talks about the basic 5 types of branding strategy used by companies today!

Company name

A great brand name is not just something that looks good on your business card or is fun to say. And it isn’t great because you like it. It’s great because it communicates something to customers. Choosing the right brand name can be a daunting task. How do you find a name that works? A name that’s catchy? A name that looks great on a web banner and has an available URL? Some say it’s easy — just use a name-generating tool and call it…

This short article talks about being omnipresent and using all the channels for marketing your company.

What does Omnichannel mean?

Omnichannel is that the plan of using all of your channels to make one, unified expertise for your customers. This includes each ancient and digital channels, location, in-store, and on-line experiences. Omnichannel selling creates a seamless message that adjusts to your client supported their behavior through your sales funnel, providing the final word customized client expertise. …

This article talks about the importance of content found in websites.

Why is content important?

Good content is what sets your web site aside from the plenty and delivers the proper message into the hearts and minds of your customers. The success of your web site is decided primarily by its content. Ultimately, content wins the wallets of your customers. All alternative parts of your web site (design, visuals, videos, etc.) give a secondary support role. If you’ve got effective taglines, nice style can solely enhance their effectiveness. Style itself doesn’t sell. …

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