Animating the inanimate

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3 min readMar 22, 2021

This article by Up Studio talks about the role of animation in the future of graphic designing.

The era of creativity and dynamism is here. Businesses are constantly updating their digital identities to match with the current times. Effectively communicating your ideas through digital platform has become vital. Graphic designers haven’t been left behind in this trend. Animating your graphic gives an edge to your website. It’s an useful tool for telling a story than just being a medium for entertainment.

Graphic animation is a variation of stop motion consisting of the animation of photographs (in whole or in parts) and other visual graphic material, such as newspaper and magazine clippings. Animation has a wide-ranging history as well as a wide-ranging appeal. It is quickly becoming a favorite technique to share their ideas on the digital media. Motion Graphics (that is, animating elements like typography, icons, on-site images, etc.) aims to explain concepts using movement, such as animated objects in web design.

Reaping advantages of animation, motion graphics helps your site function better. It helps the viewer understand how to use the site effectively and quickly. Animation is quite useful for UX and it’s functions. It can be used to boost conversion, confirm an action or just adding a little easter egg for the viewers to enjoy or engage in. Cause and effect is explained to the viewer quite easily. Animation can be used in UI/UX designs in a variety of ways like:

  1. Explanatory Animation: Used to explain the viewers about the interface, brand and other features.

2. Loading Animation: Loading page might be a buzzkill but animating might give your viewers the patience to hold on for a second more

3. Transition Animation: Transitioning of a website from one part to another could be made smoother and a better experience for the user using animation.

4. Micro-interaction Animation: Micro-interactions refer to the micro-features of the website user can interact with. These are like easter eggs.

5. Social Media Animation: Animating your social media pages will give you quite an edge over your peers.

6. Advertisement Animation: Using animation in advertising makes it memorable and the viewer can grasp the information better.

7. Logo Animation: Logo animation can be used to make your logo stand out among its peers.

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