Content driving everything

Why is content important?

Benefits and much more

  1. Content can be found easily: Using keywords and links makes your website come first when a user searches a related keyword. Google uses AI which identifies keywords, internal and external links to boost traffic.
  2. Good rank positions: Usually, when the traffic increases AI identifies the website and places it on the front page. This helps the viewers access website quickly instead of searching specifically.
  3. Improved site score: Improved site score means more traffic. This results in website getting more traffic automatically. Site Score helps place the site on the front page.
  4. Improved website usability: ‘Web usability’ suggests that however simple it’s for somebody to use and navigate a web site. Athough it’s quite a broad term, net usability will be narrowed right down to a number of key aspects — the simplicity, consistency, familiarity, relevance and accessibility of a web site.
  5. Improved user experience: Good content drives interaction hence improves the overall experience for the visitors.
  6. Reaching the right target audience: Content can be created for a target audience.Hence, its reach will be better than other types of marketing.

Final Thoughts..



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