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2 min readJul 5, 2021


This article talks about 5 different ways to create a cost-effective UX design using research!

Top five cheap however effective ways to conduct UX Research:

Table Analysis

The most cheap thanks to conduct analysis is table analysis. With heaps of articles and information offered on the web these days, the globe is at your fingertips.

Not solely can you have got your understanding of knowledge, however you may conjointly realize analysis and information conducted by similar players within the market.

Usability Testing

As the name suggests, usability testing is obvious. Having users take a look at your product and perceptive however they move with and react thereto, may be a thanks to analyze whether or not your product is making the result you notional it’ll. This exercise causes you to see your product from the eyes of the user.

Guerilla Testing

Sometimes hiring a laboratory selected for analysis will end up to be expensive. Instead, about to cafes or parks and having your product tested by strangers or perhaps family, may result in economical results too. you’ll be able to conjointly take a look at prototypes and assess the interaction of the users before the ultimate product.


Another nice, cheap thanks to gather data and perceive the requirements and desires of individuals. making questionnaires, even careful and causing them resolute a whole lot and thousands of individuals if attainable will encourage be a good type of analysis. This specific methodology branches underneath quantitative analysis ways.

A/B Testing

Giving users two choices once you’re unsure that one can work best for them helps decide as you see them move with each. Created for the users, tested by the users, and chosen by the users. It isn’t serious on the pocket and feasible for conducting UX analysis.

Final Thoughts..

Creating a user friendly experience for viewers is quite difficult but one of the most vital part of any website. You can really use the research to create a better experience!
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