We are really excited to unveil something we have been building silently over last few months, our brand new website and our logo!

With over a 100+ projects, we at Up Studio have carved our own niche and work hard to maintain it. We don’t shy to dare. Always reinventing ourselves, we are on the lookout for the next big thing. Challenges are an integral part of our everyday studio life. The latest challenge was renovating ourselves and our identity. Our illustration, typography, and colors convey our brand’s dynamicism, adaptivity and our community. We’ve updated our logo. And we’re on a journey to make sure our design is accessible and inclusive to all our viewers.

Design is omnipresent, it makes the world look good but unfortunately, we have never given design the status of technology. It has always been marginalized.

-Aniket Tapre

Our tastes are eclectic. So every stroke of line and every splash of colour that we use, have reasons for being there. Every tiny element has our hearts poured into it. And that’s why we are loved by our clients. We love challenges, and excelling ourselves everyday than the previous one. And that’s how we get better. Quintessentially, our work is our passion. It’s our one true love. And we revere it.

We are unapologetically creative, blatantly outrageous and insanely funny and if you think you can match our energy and fervor for design, then hop on.

Having a team with different perspectives and ideas will boost creativity and productivity in a workplace. Building a diverse team has more to it than just inclusivity. We believe the team is as strong as its collective experience as well as the individuality of each member.

Now enough about knowing us, how about working with us?

We are UP Studio — a group of design and product mavericks who dabble in the latest technologies