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Today, we look at 4 influential graphic designers who have created their own legacy through their work and took the world of graphic designing by storm.

Saul Bass: : A graphic designer with an Oscar, Saul Brass with works in designs of motion-picture title sequences, film posters, and corporate logos has built his own legacy. The average life span of his work is an astounding 34 years which his iconic logos and his movie posters are being used after 5 decades inspiring other works and graphic designers from around the world.

Paul Rand: : Let’s look at Paul Rand the commercial artist whose use of swiss style in corporate logos changed the way of how corporate identities are perceived. Rand’s most widely known contributions to design are his corporate identities, many of which are still in use. IBM, ABC, Cummins Engine, UPS, and Enron are the companies which have used his designs for logos.

Milton Glaser: : Is your trip to New York memorable without buying the iconic I❤ NY merchandise? Milton Glaser popularly known for NY logo has also created other timeless work like the DC comics logo as well as the psychedelic poster for Bob Dylan.

Susan Kare: : One of the most significant technologists of the modern world, Susan Kare was ahead of her times. Her dynamic interface elements and typeface contributions to the first Apple Macintosh made her stand out from her peers. She has also designed the iconic Solitaire game which was released by Microsoft. Kare’s design principles are meaning, memorableness and clarity.

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