Screening your presence

This short article talks about 5 different tips to improve your online presence!

Growth of a brand depends on the people it can reach. Increasing or improving our online presence requires endurance and constant innovation. It needs to be catchy enough for the viewer to remember. Giving your online presence a personal touch can do wonders. It helps the viewer to relate with the brand. Giving it human aspect strengths this dynamic.

“According to a study, 77% of consumers use internet to find products.”

Hence, companies need to focus on their online presence in order to reach a wider audience.

Here are 5 tips on improving your online presence!

  1. Building or choosing a platform: There are a variety of options of the internet and variety of sites to choose them from. The internet is vast and has an unending scroll. Hence in order to stand out companies need to choose their platform smartly. It should depend on the product and the target audience. For example, Instagram is really great for small businesses but not really for a B2B company.

2. Increasing your visibility: Using various sites, companies can now promote their work and provide information about the product. Social Media Sites should be used and your content should be curated accordingly. This makes your brand feel personal and stands out from others.

3. Get feedback: An important part of increasing your presence means getting feedback and working on it. If you are putting your company out there you need to know what the audience thinks about it. Knowing their problems or their preferences will only help you curate your online content.

4. SEO: SEO means search engine optimization. It helps the search engine understand what your company’s about, what your businesses is and what is your target audience. It helps to make your company visible to target audiences. Using certain keywords and phrases can help you increase your online presence.

5. Start building relationships: When you’re trying to build your online presence you are trying to “being seen.” If no one knows you, they won’t be looking for you. Finding a group or online community that shares the same interests or who run similar businesses as you do, will help you in the long run. You should also find a group or community of individuals who fit the description of your audience, giving you priceless insights into what your biggest pain points are. Knowing this can help you pivot and create the exact content your audience wants.


In today’s digital era, consumers are trusting the online mediums more and more. Hence, companies need to stay ahead of the game to increase their presence and be seen by these consumers.

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