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Senior Designer vs Junior Designer

This article talks about the difference in the roles and the different aspects to this career graph

Why is harder to define?

What do they do?

There are certain points which can classify a designer as senior or junior.

  • Mastery of UX and UI processes and toolkit
  • Designs inclusive experiences with exclusive strategy
  • Uses systematic and hypothesis-based approach
  • Not afraid to take on undefined, complex projects
  • Leads projects from beginning to end
  • Owns and influences key metrics. Drives alignment via design facilitation and presentation skills
  • Synthesizes multiple inputs and feedback from stakeholders into a cohesive approach
  • Mentor junior designers and onboard others onto projects

What do you need?

  • Curiosity : Designs cannot be created without an open mind. A designer needs to be curious to help take inspiration from various sources in order to deliver the best.
  • Open to Criticism : Being able to take criticism can be hard due to the attachment to our work. But in the end, it helps to form better perspectives and be exposed to other ideas.
  • Being Proactive : A senior designer is not just responsible for his work but also his team’s work. He should be actively reviewing work as well as help in guiding junior designers.


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