The future of interfaces

The Current Scenario

With the companies getting into a fierce competition vying over consumer’s attention, internet has become the official battlefield. UI/UX designers are doing everything they can to make their work memorable and enough to catch attention. UI/UX is a relatively new field and was constantly innovating itself. Yet the current scenario is far from this. The design world is creating a collective innovations but within a set of framework limited by their own views.

What has created this situation?

Comparatively new people are part of UI/UX. Mixed skills set has resulted in bland due to being created according to needs. Smart words and content don’t take away from the fact that the design are just catering to people rather than innovating ideas. Originals were used as references creating a bubble of repetition. Specific thought leaders have saturated the industry.
Apps have been enhanced but have the same look and feel. Different UI/UX designs are not just using tools or having visual appeal but they lack depth.

What do we do different?

At Up Studio our business philosophy is quite different in order to create dynamic designs. Design is not just created to be catchy but we add depth to our designs. It matters to us that we give 100% to our designs.
We use holistic approach to our work. Team of different facets, can do more justice, than designers with a common skill set. Having a diversity of perspective and opinions results in disruptive designs. If you want to improve, you have to first understand the limitations binding you.



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