The Gestalt Principle

This article talks about the application of the Gestalt Principle in visual communication.

“Gestalt” is a German word for patterns or ‘unified whole’. In 1920, a group of scientists found a new school of thought. It was based on the fact that humans perceived patterns more than the individual components. This school of thought has been used in design and is commonly referred to as the “Gestalt Principle for Design.”

Today, we bring you 4 different Gestalt Principle you can use in your designs. These principles help bring out your designs as well as make it memorable for the viewer. And as graphic designers, what more can one ask for?


Similarity is the commonality between individual elements. This principle states that when objects look like each other, the viewer will perceive the whole picture instead of analyzing small part individually.

In the above image you can quite easily perceive the star than looking at individual circles.


Continuation is the principle through which the eye is drawn along a path, line or curve, preferring to see a single continuous figure than separate lines. This can be used to point towards another element in the composition, and is seen where a line is cut through one object, often in a curve, aligning perfectly with a secondary element.


Proximity principle states that a elements close with each other will form group association for the viewer. The viewer will perceive them as a whole than single individual items.

Focal Point

Focal point principle states that whatever stands out visually will capture and hold the viewer’s attention first.

The first thing you notice about the above image is the red star. This is the focal point of every viewer. You can use this principle to point to the element that is supposed to be the focus.


Although a principle for viewing patterns from complex arrangement of visual elements, it will be the conclusion for this article!

Hope you liked it and find it helpful! Stay tuned for more articles for Up Studio!



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