The three levels of design

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3 min readJun 23, 2021

This short article talks about the three main level of emotional system; visceral, behavioral and reflective designs.


In the human mind there are various areas to blame for what we tend to talk to as emotion; together, these regions comprise the emotional system. Don Norman proposes the emotional system consists of 3 completely different, however interconnected levels, every of that influences our expertise of the globe in a very specific approach. The 3 levels are visceral, behavioral, and reflective.

The Visceral level is to blame for the deep-rooted, automatic and nearly philosophy qualities of human feeling, that are nearly entirely out of our management. The activity level refers to the controlled aspects of act, wherever we tend to unconsciously analyze a state of affairs thus on develop purposeful ways presumably to prove effective within the shortest time, or with the fewest actions, possible.

The Reflective level is, as Don Norman states, “…the home of reflection, of aware thought, of learning of latest ideas and generalizations regarding the world”. These 3 levels, whereas classified as separate dimensions of the emotional system, are joined and influence each other to form our overall emotional expertise of the globe.

The Behavioural level is additional usually brought up as usability, however the 2 terms primarily ask the sensible and useful aspects of a product or something usable we tend to square measure capable of mistreatment in the environment. Behavioural style (we shall use this term in situ of usability from currently on) is fascinated by, as an example, however users do their activities, however quickly and accurately they will come through their aims and objectives, what percentage errors the users build once closing bound tasks, and the way well the merchandise accommodates each skillful and inexperienced users.


This course has introduced you to the idea of critical reflection to synthesize the complexities of teaching. It has explored the differences between critical analysis, critical thinking and critical reflection before considering how to ensure that reflection leads to effective learning. It has introduced you to a number of models of reflection to help you structure your practice and discussed how to evaluate whether you are reflecting effectively.



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