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3 min readJul 8, 2021


Fluid, simple and easy-to-use, the future belongs to Zero UI!

Movers and shakers!

Apps without screens, buttons and CTA. The future is bright and screenless too! Glued to our screens and smartphones we have become addicted. Addicted to the visual aspects and functions. But in the end, we must remember its a robust model created between the transition to Zero UI! The lines between the real world and virtual are slowly fading. Today’s situation has made it much more difficult to differentiate between the two. School kids are attending schools online, sounds totally safe! Its not like the virtual world will result in lessening attention spans or influence them in a bad way. The Internet is a rosy place filled with totally reliable strangers and trustworthy gentlemen. Gesture based UI will help people focus on the real world. Manifesting the advantages of the internet and nulling the disadvantages.

Krish saw it first!

But what exactly is a ZERO UI??

Zero UI” is all about using sensory experiences (gestures, movement, voice) to trigger a particular reaction from a device.

Waiting or typing?

How can you ensure its functionality. Aren’t the boundaries between tech and real world created for a reason?

When you get to the core of zero UI its about finally moving on from screens. Although when you think about it, certain aspects of the virtual world can’t be recreated without screens. Videos will still be viewed. But Zero UI will ensure changing the direction of traditional streaming or video-sharing platform.

We hope Zero UI is a reality sooner than later. Fingers crossed, all 6 of them!

Zero UI refers to a paradigm wherever our movements, voice, glances, and even thoughts will all cause systems to reply. At its extreme, Zero UI implies a screen-less, invisible interface wherever natural gestures trigger interactions, as if the user was communicating to a different person. The replacement of those monolithic screen-based devices is close. Social Interactions would be better without a mediator. Our attention may once more come back to the folks sitting across the table, rather than those continents away!


Zero UI might be far off into the future for some, its on the verge of breakthrough for some.

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