Top 3 Illustration Trends 2021

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3 min readJun 14, 2021


This short article talks about the latest trends for 2021 for illustrations

An illustration is a picture that tries to get the person looking at it to pay more attention to the subject than to the art. Illustrations can be in the form of a drawing, painting, photograph or other work of art. Illustrations often have one of two purposes. One is to give light to the subject. The other purpose is to decorate an informational text (such as a newspaper or article). Illustration can also be a story based on drawings.

Humans are always fascinated by visuals. They perceive them easily and retain it for an extended period. A single image can convey a message more compellingly than lines of texts. Then why not let the creativity flow, when it comes to designing User Interfaces. Using illustrations in UI design has become a common trend, but it is also essential to understand where will they create the most impact on your designs.

Let’s start with the top 3 trends to watch out for related to illustrations!

3D Illustrations:

One of the biggest design trends of 2020, 3D Illustration allows designers to lift their ideas off the 2D page and bring their drawings to life. Whether you want to recreate real life objects or create straight from your imagination, 3D illustration provides artists and designers with a whole new world of artistic possibilities. This trend has absolutely exploded online throughout the past year and shows no signs of decreasing in popularity for use across website designs, digital interfaces, social media and everything in between.

Flat Illustrations

Flat design illustrations have been one of the most used styles in recent times. The usual drawing rules and techniques like perspective and depth are left aside in this style rather it relies on shapes and colors to convey any idea. Scores of brands follow this style of illustration & we also catch a glimpse of it in various places. Their simplicity allows them to be remarkably versatile.

Abstract Illustrations

Abstract art is modern art which does not represent images of our everyday world. It has color, lines and shapes, but they are not intended to represent objects or living things. Often the artists were influenced by ideas and philosophies of abstraction.Considering how mixed up — and messed up — day-to-day life often seems, it’s no wonder graphic design is exploring imagery that bends the edges of reality.


We would like to say that using these trends will help you better your illustrations to communicate your ideas.

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