UP, UP and Beyond

Why UP stands out

Entering the third floor of the building, you might think it’s just another workspace. You couldn’t be any wrong. Just glimpsing the workspace you can feel the energy and creativity bolstering. This design studio is dynamic and goes beyond just the designing process. The designers live, breathe and revere designs. They put their hearts and souls into their designs and don’t stop until they have created something phenomenal.

Time can be your best friend or your worst enemy.” these words of the founder resonates with the office. Looking at this start-up you can confidently say it has aged like fine wine.

UPlifting ourselves

Like a horse pulling a cart without wheels, a good leader isn’t enough to be successful. With great experience and delegation comes great innovations. The team brainstorms to project their ideas into the digital space. Every stroke of line and every splash of color that they use, have reasons for being there. And that’s why we are loved by our clients. We love challenges, and excelling everyday better than the previous one. Quintessentially, our work is our passion. It’s our one true love. And we revere it.

Growing UPwards

The hierarchy of priorities in this organization isn’t just delegation, designers are given their own space and freedom to promote creativity. Their priority of completing their work is never overshadowed by their need to create disruptive innovations. The hierarchy of priorities are managed day to day which result in bringing order to chaos and simplify day-to-day activities. No complaints, no arguments. It is this culture of “deep work” i.e distraction free concentration that pushes our cognitive capabilities to their limits and has boosted organic growth.

Work’s not done yet

Looking at the 4 story building, you can’t see beyond the organization, the family of clients and coworkers which have fostered ideas and stories in a simple, relatable and memorable way. Keep reading for more posts on our work, the UP way of design creation in the UI/UX world.




We are UP Studio — a group of design and product mavericks who dabble in the latest technologies

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UP Studio

UP Studio

We are UP Studio — a group of design and product mavericks who dabble in the latest technologies

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